About Maggie

Experienced and authentic coaches today are a rare gift to find. Even with the wealth of information and knowledge available in the marketplace, only a small percentage of women truly enjoy the benefits of lasting transformation.
With a strong passion for helping her clients achieve consistent results with proven strategies, Maggie Webber has carved her niche as a speaker, author and small business for women in Australia and around the world, and has helped many to 'find their lane' and start their business from scratch.
After building close relationships as a consultant for clients the Macquarie Institute, McGrath and Regency Real Estate, Pickwick Group, and GCC Global Asset Management, Maggie transitioned a series of key strategies into her coaching with clientele she loves and respects the most – working mothers.
As a result, Maggie’s approach has empowered her clients to experience the benefits of more quality time and a deeper sense of passion in their lives, by ‘bringing the heart back into business.’
World-renowned integrative medicine expert and author Deepak Chopra, is one of the prominent figures with high praise of Maggie’s inspirational speaking, teaching and coaching skills. When referring to Maggie’s involvement with the Chopra Centre, Deepak shared, “Maggie is one of our finest teachers. Her dedication and commitment are truly infinite”.
John McGrath, founder of McGrath Estate Agents, also celebrated her stating that “Maggie Webber’s work is fresh, innovative and right-on for businesses struggling in this new environment. She won’t improve your business – she’ll show you how to revolutionize it!”