Dr. Deepak Chopra

World Renowned and Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Mind/Body Expert.
“Maggie is one of our finest teachers.
Her dedication and commitment are truly infinite”

Leon Nacson

Author, Speaker, and Managing Director of Hay House, Australia.
“PASSION for what you teach is critical. Maggie is so passionate about her work, it is intoxicating!”

John McGrath

McGrath Real Estate, and panel member on ‘Shark Tank – Australia’.
“Maggie Webber’s work is fresh, innovative and right-on for businesses struggling in this new environment. She won’t improve your business – she’ll show you how to revolutionize it! If you’re stressed out, uncertain or worried about your future, you need to find a new way – and Maggie is one of the best new ways I’ve experienced.”

Mark Tonelli

Olympic Medallist, TV Commentator and Executive Producer of the ‘Real Estate Show’ for Sky News Business Channel.
“I have known and worked with Maggie for over fifteen years, and she is unique. Her limitless energy and drive are engines for her passion and performance. Her knowledge, guidance and typical ‘lead from the front style’ have helped me enormously, and I look forward to working with her more in the future.”

Helen Connell

Manager Human Resources, Holroyd City Council, NSW.
“Maggie Webber’s session made me think about how events at work or in life affect you and by thinking positive (glass half full view) that we as individuals can overcome obstacles. Some staff were so inspired they are completing the NLP scholarship in the near future. I would encourage any forward thinking organization to have Maggie come in and present to their staff.”

Kim Hadley

Psychologist, Hills District – NSW.
“I first met Maggie at a communication course, at which she was the presenter. I was impressed by her knowledge, passion and openness. These personal qualities gave me the confidence to approach her for life coaching. It was something I had contemplated for awhile – but had hesitated as I was looking for the right person, one with whom I had a connection. Maggie’s coaching has been uplifting, and she has delivered beyond my expectations.”

Helen Simmons

Remedial Massage Therapist and Pilates Instructor, Hobart, Tasmania.
“My sessions with Maggie have given me practical strategies to take me from vague dreams to concrete plans, and to be able to realistically review and revamp these plans as I move forward. I find Maggie’s positive approach most supportive and energising; she clearly likes to ‘walk beside’ each person she works with.”