3 Breaks Women Should Give Their Brains

Maggie Webber

Working from home is a piece of cake – that’s what most people think. Working from home can become quite as hectic as working outside, especially when you’re a mom or a wife. Balancing the two loves of your life, family and work, can overwhelm your brain. When your brain feels overwhelmed with all the tasks, it’s time you give it a break by doing the following things:

1.     Stretch Your Body

Sitting in the chair all day and typing or picking up calls can make your body stiff, shooting pain throughout it. Your muscles will cramp and your body will get sore overtime. In order to avoid the long-term effects of working, you need to get up and go stretch. When you stretch, it will increase the function in your brain, refreshing and rejuvenating it.

2.     Sip Coffee

Coffee is your friend in times when you feel like closing your eyelids and going to sleep at your desk. However, waking you up from your slumber isn’t its only benefit. Drinking coffee improves your focus, thinking, productivity, and memory.  There is now a lot more research emerging about its many benefits.  http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/270202.php

3.     Play Brain Games

Whenever you feel like you need a break for paperwork or emailing people, play brain games online. The brain games are exercise for your brain as running is exercise for your body. If it’s the computer you need a break from, you can complete crossword puzzles, play chess, Sudoku, or solitaire. Anything that challenges your brain to think is good.

It’s time for your brain to take that break!