20 Female Entrepreneurs to Follow on Facebook

Maggie Webber

Female entrepreneurs have been taking the world by storm for quite a while now. They have been proving that they are not far behind when it comes to the success of a business. Research shows that about 8.1 million women in US are now business owners, which means they are generating revenues of $1.2 trillion. These entrepreneurs have been able to garner jobs in the market which account to 15.3 million jobs till 2018 at least. This shows not only the worth but also the importance of female entrepreneurs.

Do you want to be inspired? Then why not follow a few of them on social media in order to find out more about them and discover how they do what they do best? Here are 20 brilliant and awe-inspiring female entrepreneurs that you can follow on Facebook to learn from them.

1.     Caterina Fake

The co-founder of Flickr and Hunch, Caterina Fake is thought of as one of the most powerful and inspiring entrepreneurs, due to her innovative ideas and dedication to her field. She has received many awards and credits and Time magazine has listed her in their 100 most influential people around the world. Fake has a huge following on Facebook as well as Twitter. She posts things regarding her own enterprise as well as advice for young and budding entrepreneurs all over the world.  

2.     Ali Brown

Ali Brown is the founder of Ali International LLC. Her business is all about empowering women who are trying to run their very own companies no matter on how small a scale. She has been placed on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing businesswoman die to her success in not only helping women develop their own setups but succeeding with their ideas. She too has a huge following on both Facebook and Twitter. You can easily find her on Facebook by searching for her name. There is a lot of creativity and innovation in her thinking style and she continues to inspire young female entrepreneurs all over the world.  

3.     Stefanie Michaels

Known by her persona “adventure girl”, Stefanie Michaels is known for her travel and entertainment sense. She has a website that is dedicated to these two subjects including tips on how and where to travel. She is a strict proponent of a green lifestyle and promotes this not only on her website but on her Huffington Post articles as well. She is the one you need to follow on Facebook and Twitter if you want to find out about travelling and life adventures.

4.     Amy Jo Martin

In search of someone who can inspire you about the digital world? Then Amy Jo Martin is your girl. She with her company Digital Royalty, help various companies, professionals, celebrities, sportsmen, teams and sports leagues in keeping a check on their digital aspects of business. Someof her most famous clients include Fox Sports, The Rock, and Nike etc. She continues to talk about her business tactics, how to maneuver the use of social media and what is needed in order to succeed. She can easily be found and followed on both Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to look her up in order to find out more.  

5.     Carrie Wilkerson

Carrie Wilkerson “The Barefoot Executive” is an award-winning author, public speaker and a coach to all who are in need of career counselling. It is not the business that matters to her, rather it is the person. She believes in helping one and all with their brilliant strategies and mind-blowing ideas. She has a great following on social media including on Facebook where she talks about business trends, tips and tricks of surviving in competition and how to make sure that your business is an absolute success. Search her name up in Facebook and you will find that she is a treasure trove of perfect business advice.  

6.     Cindy Crawford

Baywatch is not the only achievement that Cindy Crawford has up her sleeve. She is one who can truly be called beauty with brains. It was through her modeling career that she launched her business as well and did remarkably well so much so that she is considered a trusted name in the world of beauty and fashion. But her success and abilities don’t end there. She is also a name to be reckoned in the food industry due to her delicious recipes. She too is very active on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. Search her up to find out more.

7.     Gabrielle Bernstein

Another author on our list of successful female entrepreneurs, Gabrielle Bernstein, is also the creator of social media website HerFuture.com. The website is designed to aim to help women with tips, advice and suggestions on how to become successful in life. It is all about achieving inner peace and how self-love helps in conquering all kinds of difficulties in life. She too is very active on all kinds of social media pages including Facebook and Twitter. Check her out on Facebook and you will not want to unfollow her ever!

8.     Jean Chatzky

One of the most sought after public speakers, Jean Chatzky is also an award-winning journalist and author. She has her very own blog that informs newbie on how to make money and how to utilize it to the best of your capabilities. She is also a columnist for the New York Daily News. Her accounts can be found on Facebook where you can easily follow her for advice, tips and tricks.  

9.     Liz Strauss

One of the most powerful presence on Facebook when it comes to female entrepreneurs is that of Lizz Strauss. She is the most influential blogger who does not have a celebrity status. Her strategies, ideas and creative way of though is awe inspiring and is useful for people from all walks of life. She talks mostly about business and how to manage money in a way that it can be multiplied without too much efforts.  

10.     Ann Handley

The Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, Ann Handley is the one to get in touch with if its content-related information that is needed. She is also the co-author of the famous guide Content Rules. If your business or line of the field has anything to do with content creation than she is the go-to person. She is present on both Twitter and Facebook and can easily be followed there.  

11.     Natalie MacNeil

Have you heard of the blog “She Takes on the World”? Considered to be one of the most famous blogs on the internet, it has been created by Natalie MacNeil. She too is all about helping new entrepreneurs who want to learn about business and how they too can hit big. She writes for Huffington Post and Forbes from time to time and is also an Emmy-winning media producer. You can search her on Facebook to follow her feed.  

12.     Oprah Winfrey

So we won’t talk about who Oprah is because hey, people all over the world know all about her. She is worth mentioning here though not only because of her huge following on social media but also because of how she was able to defeat the odds and create an empire at a time when women were nowhere near the fields of business. You can easily find Oprah on all forms of social media and benefit from her advice, tips and suggestions on how to lead a successful life and create a booming business.

13.     Erika Napoletano

An online business strategist and writer, Erika Napoletano is known for her blunt tone and straight forward answers with respect to life as well as business. She owns a blog by the name of Redhead Writing which deals with topics that most others would not talk about with regards to business, marketing, social media and life all over. If you are someone who understands irony and sass, then Erika is the one you need to follow on Facebook today.

14.     Pamela Slim

A business coach and author, Pamela slim has not only written a book but is also running a blog. She truly understands all the difficulties faced by newbie business people, which is exactly what she targets and tries to sort out in her blogs. She writes everything from martial arts to business advice, support and encouraging tips to how marketing can be handled. She can easily be followed on Facebook for more information.  

15.     Samantha Ettus

A media personality, public speaker, and author, Samantha Ettus aims to help the working moms in managing their works along with their home life. She has researched on thousands of working mothers to find out solutions that are effective and simple at the same time. She has a large following on Twitter and Facebook and is going to be highly beneficial for all working moms out there.  

16.     Amber Naslund

Another business strategist and communications manager, Amber Naslundis the co-founder of Sideraworks. She too focuses on women in the world of business and tries to help out those in need. She too can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

17.     Cindy Ratzlaff

Cindy Tatzlaff is a social media strategist, buzz marketer, brand evangelist and author. Her entries on social media focus on how you can generate interest for your business through the way you publish about it on various media sites. She has been active on creating 150 New York Times bestsellers. Follow her on Facebook to find out more.  

18.     Danielle LaPorte

A former think tank executive, Danielle LaPorte is also an author, writer, speaker and business strategist. She has her own website, where she answers questions regarding business techniques and spirituality. She is the person to search for if you are confused about life and business-related decisions. She can easily be searched up on Facebook.  

19.     Mari Smith

It is Mari Smith who is called as the “Pied Piper of the online world”. She is a social coach, author and internet marketing consultant. According to Forbes, she is one of the most influential people on the internet. Her expert advice on social media is unrivalled. Find her on Facebook and Twitter today.

20.     Erica Diamond

The founder of WomenOnTheFence.com, Erica is an award-winning blogger. She is a diehard supporter of women and moms in business and works on telling them how to succeed in the best possible manner. When it comes to writing, she can convince anyone with a few choice words. She too has a major fan following on social media pages including Facebook.  

So these were the top influential and successful female entrepreneurs on our list that you can follow on Facebook. Search for them today and learn how they accomplished so much in so little time. Their advice is bound to be useful to you.