10 Christmas Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs

Maggie Webber

Giving presents to women is always difficult. Add the word entrepreneur to it, and it becomes more complicated than you first thought. Will she like it? Is it appropriate for her? She is the boss so should I give such a gift to her? These are only a few of the questions that will run through your mind when you try to think of the perfect Christmas present for female entrepreneurs.

Or maybe you are the female entrepreneur and want to secretly buy yourself a gift! Well, we are all for it and totally stand by you. This is why here are 10 brilliant ideas on what you can present to the lovely entrepreneur in your life this Christmas.

1.     Coffee Maker and Coffee

No entrepreneur in the world can survive without a good cup (or cups) of coffee. Hence, if you know of your boss’s, friend’s, or love’s addiction to coffee, get them exactly that. If they already have one at home, they may prefer a more modern model or might want one at the work place. So get a cute looking and modern coffee maker along with their favorite brand of coffee. They are going to love you forever for thinking of their coffee needs!

2.     Customized Mug/Jewelry/Clothing

This is one of the most inexpensive yet personalized gift that you can give to your female entrepreneur person. Customized mugs, jewelry or clothing can say or have anything on them, depending on what you want to say or what you know they will like or have a thing for. For example, if you know for a fact that your female entrepreneur boss/friend like zodiac jewelry, get something made as per their zodiac sign. Recently glow in the dark jewelry has been gaining a lot of attention and you can have something like that created. Clothing and mugs could similarly be customized. You could even have “best boss in the world” written on a mug or hoodie and present it to your boss.

3.     Roomba

Never heard of this useful robot? It does everything from cleaning spills to mopping the floors. There is nothing more that your female entrepreneur friend would like then putting her feet up and letting the Roomba do the cleaning around the house. This vacuuming robot is going to delight your friend and will up the chances of an increment or promotion if it was long overdue!

4.     Gift Voucher

Gift vouchers are for those people you either don’t know very well, or know a little too well. This is because they are either loved or tolerated well. In either case, they are a win-win situation. You can get any kind of gift voucher ranging from massages to a whole day at the spa, a facial or even a trip to their favorite restaurant for dinner. There are some customizable vouchers available too but you will need to ask about them in order to find out who makes them in your area.  

5.     WoodWick Candles

These are not just smile fragrant candles; they have been created with actual wooden wicks, which produces a crackling sound just like the logs in a fire. The smell of the candles is such that your female entrepreneur friend/boss would be stress free within a few short minutes! They are available in different scents, sizes and colors and you can choose whichever you think your friend will like best. There are also WoodWick candle gift sets available that you can buy for candles that last longer than Christmas itself.  

6.     Phone Holder

Phone holders that can also be plugged in the wall for recharging? Which entrepreneur would not cherish such a gift? Since business people travel a lot, they need to have their cell phones recharged all the time, no matter where they may be. This is why when you present your boss with a phone holder she is going to go gaga over it. Just make sure you buy one that is of good quality.  

7.     Edibles

If you know for a fact that the female entrepreneur in your life is a foodie, then there is nothing better than a basket of food or a voucher for some great inning place. It would be extra nice if you get the voucher for two as the entrepreneur would then be able to take her partner along! A basket of food could include all their favorite items like chocolate, brownie mix, assorted nuts, pickle, savory snacks, etc.

8.     Gym Membership

Only dare to give this gift if you are absolutely sure that the friend or boss will not take any offence. You don’t want your boss to think that you think they are fat! If you have heard them talking about thinking of joining a gym or if you know how they like the idea of working out, only then go for a gym membership as a Christmas present. Remember, the gym needs to be close to the house of the person you are gifting the membership to.

9.     Apple Watch

Apple watches are amazing. If the female entrepreneur you plan to buy a Christmas gift for does not already have it and likes high tech items, then Apple watch is perfect. It can play music, read emails and even save in notes and reminders!

10. Gift Baskets

Can’t think of just one thing that you want to give? Why not make a gift basket that contains all the favorites of your female entrepreneur friend? This could include everything from edibles to gift vouchers, cards to gadgets, clothing to customized mugs/jewelry etc. You can fill up the basket according to your budget, get it beautifully decorated and see the female entrepreneur swoon with happiness!

So did you find the gift item that the female entrepreneur in your life will love? Now go out and buy the gift in advance so that you don’t have to be stuck in Christmas traffic or rush. She is bound to love your consideration and love.